Uh-Oh, Spaghettios!

I’m completely and utterly boned.

It would appear my mathematics grades are dropping.

Yes, that’s right. I’m down from a D to a “You Just Made Stephen Hawking Cry.” And, seeing as I’ve always been decent at maths, this frightens me and leads me to believe that Thor doesn’t like it when you sacrifice goats to him.

Perchance the best course of action would be to drop College Algebra. However, getting a tutor would be a viable option as well.

The third path I could take would be to stop blogging and focus all my energies on schoolwork.

Hehe…That was laughable.

Moving onwards, I’m think that a new blog theme is in order. However, I’m on a library computer right now, so I don’t want to mess with anything. I’ll change it later tonight or tomorrow.


Back on to school, I’ve been doing a relatively kick-*** job on my English. Teachers love it when you include references to Waiting for Godot. I’m not entirely sure my Firefly reference was enjoyed, however. Oh well. Firefly is still an awesome show.

“Curse my sudden but inevitable betrayal!” should be my new catchphrase. It’d make a good blog subheader.

That, or maybe “We Buy Used Tires.” It has a certain Beckish surrealism, don’t you agree?

Ah…Beck. I was watching the music video for Loser yesterday. My sister walked in whilst I was doing so, and now I have a feeling that she doubts my sanity even more than she used to. And that’s saying a lot.


It’s colourful!

~~La Stranezza



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