Sleeping In Is Bad For Your Health


I have a buttload of schoolwork to do to-day. Actually, it’s really not that much. I just need to write to journal entries–easy peasy–and do, oh, I dunno, thirty maths problems or so.

The one thing is…Maths is my worst subject. Yeah, I can get all the answers right, and I know how to solve for X–but it just takes such a long time that it’s torturous for me to do.

I mean, it took about three minutes to do a quadratic equation! Three minutes! And quadratic equations are easy!

I have a vague feeling there’s only one thing left to do.

Where did I put that couch…

Ah, it’s much more comfortable down here. And, thanks to some great advice from the DTC, I’ve scavenged enough tea leaves to have a party with a lovely group of cacti I met on my last trip to Brussels.

Why there would be cacti in Belgium, though, I know not. I’m going to have to edit that part in the second draft I’ll never make.

Never mind that, though! The moral of the story is never sleep in when you have maths to do. It’s the scholarly equivalent of doing something incredibly stupid. You just don’t do it.

So, before my mum realising I’m blogging instead of doing my schoolwork, and then comes and gets me and makes me clean, I ought to get off and try to get as many equations done as humanly possible before 1:00, which is when we have to leave for some homeschool thingamajig she’s making us all go to.

~~La Stranezza


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