Que’est-ce que c’est “Accidenti”? Simple, my dear readers.

It translates roughly to damnit. However, accidenti is a better swear word in the regard that it implies, as the d-word does not, that something out of the control of the swearer has happened, in a way that you can’t really capture with some other word.

And why am I cursing this turn of fate? That is less simple.

You see, I was going to be an awesome blogger and secretly give the 300th poster-person a congratulatory thingamajig, but, because I was so busy trying to think up a snappy comeback to Mercy Vaughn, I made the three hundredth post.

That really had nothing to do with anything…Oh well. It’s still pretty rocking.

Oh, and here’s a link to Coffee’s blog:

I don’t know if that hyperlinked right…Knowing my luck, it probably didn’t, as it is doubtful that Firefox has all the plug-ins I need.

Blasted library computers…

Once again, I find my apologising for the brevity of one my posts. It would be longer, but a donkey is currently attempting to gnaw off my left earlobe, so…Yeah.

I think know would be a good time to hide behind some of couch.

Possibly a futon.

~~La Stranezza



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