[Awkward Silence]


You know that awkward silence when you talk to someone you know you want to talk to, but you’ve ran out of things to talk about, and so you don’t know what to say and then you think that the other person may be thinking “Whoa, this person’s an idiot, not being able to carry on a conversation without including long and awkward pauses”?

Yep. It’s not very fun.

Luckily, though, I’ve not really experienced any awkward silence like that recently, so I really don’t know why I’m bring it up. Maybe the stress of being in school again is getting to me and my only hope of staying sane is to go postal and mail myself to Taiwan.

Then again, Taiwan being in a Tropical environment, and my insanity being proportionate with how hot it is, it may be a better idea to send me to Iceland instead.

Yeah! I’ll go to Iceland! They have a bunch of Geothermal energy! Woohoo for renewable energy resources! Not to mention the delightful children’s program Lazy Town was filmed in Reykjavik and starred a primarily Icelandic cast.

But then again, people in Iceland are more prone to drive cars than people in, say, Norway or Denmark, and I’m not a big fan of cars, so maybe it’d be better to go to Denmark. Then I can eat putrid fish with all my Danish comrades! Yaay!

Everyone! Sing the putrid fish song!

Surströmming! Surströmming!
Jeg elsker surströmming!
Det smager meget godt!
Surströmming er lækker!

Ah…such a beautiful, metre-less song…

Anyways, I’ve never actually had rotten fish, but it allegedly tastes disgustingly terrible, so I don’t see a reason why I shouldn’t give it a try.


Also, my computer is acting all wonky and changing fonts and I suspect it’s the work of the Taiwanese and Icelandic government, as they are now upset that I chose Denmark over their countries. 

Oh well. This just means that I have no choice but to start wearing plaid pants again.

~~La Stranezza






3 thoughts on “[Awkward Silence]

  1. Whenever I encounter an awkward silence with some of my friends, one of them says something like this:

    “So… how ’bout them noble gases? They think they’re so special…”

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