Music Monday: Electric Vibes

Today, for Music Monday, we’re going to jam out to House and House-inspired tunes. So, put on your robot helmet and get ready to rave!

  • First up on today’s playlist is Daftendirekt by Daft Punk.

Not only is this song awesome…It’s also strangely hypnotic. You can’t really stop yourself from going, “Whoa, man, you at the colours!” Except for if you’re colour-bind, in which case you’d probably say something along the lines of, “Whoa, man, look at the absence of colours!”

  • The second for today is Schei▀e by Lady Gaga. 

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking: Lady Gaga? Really? Well, I didn’t really believe it at first, but this song kicks butt–which just goes to show that even artists like Gaga or Katy Perry can come up with a really good composition every once in a while. Of course, as these compositions are good, they usually go unnoticed by the general populace, meaning that it’s up to us to dig up the deep cuts.

  • Speaking of popular artists being, you know, artsy, it’s rather hard for us to ignore M.I.A.‘s irresistably charming music. Specifically, Bucky Done Gun. 

While M.IA.’s house roots are less prominent, the electronic beat just as well could have come out of Thomas Bangalter’s genius mind.

  • Fourthly, if that is a real word (which I’m pretty sure it is), we have Muscle Museum by Muse. 

To say that trying to define what genre Muse falls under is hard is an understatement. Some of their songs–such as United States of Eurasia and the Exogenesis Symphony–have obvious classical influences, whereas songs like Stockholm Syndrome and Assassin are an odd mixture of punk and britpop. Muscle Museum, however, what with its electronic rhythm and naturalist guitar riffs, is an enigma. I guess you could call it post-britpop, or you could call it contemporary rock, or you could even call it alt punk. Whatever you call it, though, you have to admit to has all the qualities needed to make you ask yourself, “What the heck am I listening to???” And that’s good enough for me.

~~La Stranezza


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