7 hour car trips are not fun.

I rather dislike them.

I also dislike it when I get oil on my bes jeans.

However, mix CDs and Harry Potter are both things that I enjoy and the only reason I didn’t go insane on the 7hr car trip I went on today.

This seven hour car trip is also the reason I didn’t post until now.

Also, I’m tired and there may be a koala haunting my dreams, although I doubt it–the amount of cheese in the cold cuts is just the same as ever.

And sadly, I won’t be able to play FFXII for a week due to the fact that my PS2 and memory card are both seven hours away. This probably means I’ll finish the almost nine hundred pages of beefy goodness that Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix can offer me in two days, three tops.

Unless, of course, Arrested Development stops me…But I doubt it. The internet connection at my grandparents’ house is high-speed in name only. I’m just glad they finally got rid of their dial-up…

Dial-up sucks. It’s like the internet  connection equivalent of a seven hour car trip.

H’m…Only two hundred words. I ought to just ramble on a little bit more.


That was unexpected.

Yep, that should be good.

I apologise for the brevity of this post. Hopefully tomorrow’s post will be longer.

~~La Stranezza


7 thoughts on “7hrs

  1. “the almost nine hundred words of beefy goodness that Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix can offer me ”

    Do you mean pages? I would be very disappointed if it took you two or three days to read 900 words.

  2. You knit, don’t you? It’s one of the best ways to pass a long car trip. Especially once it gets dark and you can’t see enough to read. I once spent a twelve-hour ride to Ohio reading and knitting, and I finished my project in record time. It was wonderful.

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