Black in Back!

I dyed my hair black.

Actually, my sister dyed my hair black, but I still had to wake her up to do so, which took two hours almost.

She’s not a morning person.

Actually, everyone in my family but my dad and Sethykins are night people, but I think Seth’s realised by now that all the fun stuff happens after one A.M., and that he ought to stay up that late more often. Hence that unfortunate event with the rather large, fun blanket, and season seven of the Simpsons.

I, on the other hand, am slowly gravitating towards becoming a morning person–sure, I hate waking up early, and I hate going to sleep early, but I find myself doing these things more and more often nowadays.


A sense of Serenity. As defined by Wiktionary:


serenity (plural serenities)

  1. The state of being serenecalmnesspeacefulness.
  2. lack of agitation or disturbance.
  3. A title given to a reigning prince or similar dignitary.
Serenity is the state of being peaceful. Peace is something we want, we all need.
You see, as no one in my family wakes up before nine o’clock, if not later, I find that getting up at seven thirty in the morning allows me to just sit, relax, before I have to listen to my little siblings attempt to drown themselves in Lincoln Logs.
It lets me drink my tea and watch weird French films without my thirteen year old sister complaining about how I don’t watch normal people TV shows.
It lets me sit out on the porch and do absolutely nothing.
It lets me walk around in my boxers–because, as we all know, pants are for chumps.
Frankly speaking, waking up early has all the pros and cons of breathing. It keeps me alive; however, it’s also huge pain in the butt.
But, I think we can all say we’d rather limp around with a sore butt than be stuck six feet under.
~~La Stranezza

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