I Think I Lost Something Along the Way…

Looking back at my old posts, I have realised something of grave magnitude: Somewhere along the way in this blog, I lost a bit of my cocky inanity.

So, as a New Year’s Resolution (never mind that it’s August), I’m going to invent a new holiday, called What the Schitzel? Day, to take place for the first time Monday, August 15th, 2011. Schnitzel Day, as it shall also be known, is a celebration of all things random. In order to appease the fire gods, however, all participants in this imaginary holiday must blog about the most random thing that they can think of. Said blog post must include the word Kwijybo at least e times or face the wrath of Colbie Smoulders. Why Colbie Smoulders, you ask? Well, it is widely known in states west of the Mississippi that Canucks love mathematical constants and hate goats. Or maybe I’m thinking of Bruins…

An interesting fact is that the Bruins actually have more Canadians on their team than Canucks–22 versus 20.

But that’s slightly irrelevant to my point.

My point is, in fact: August 15th. What the Schnitzel? Day. Be there or be cubist. Tell your friends.

It’ll be a dalmatian sensation!

And now, to keep with the Schnitzel Day spirit, I’m going to post the Finnish national anthem! And possibly get rid of all those pesky cookies on my computer. They’re starting to attract ants.

Finnish has a certain guttural beauty to it, very similar to that of German–wouldn’t you agree?

And, just to make sure you don’t forget the date of my newly planned event (or to invite your friends to participate in the Schnitzel Day festivities), I’m going to use my brain control to convince you to re-read this blog post every time you get bored.

Did it work?


H’m…Maybe I shouldn’t take Barney Stinson’s psychotic ramblings so seriously…

~~La Stranezza


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