I Know What I’m Gonna Do Today!

Is it sad that a fifteen year old boy watches Phineas and Ferb?

No, don’t answer that. I don’t want to be construed as more lame than I already realise I am.

Either way, there’s just something admirably dapper about those two little blokes. Not to mention the fact that their platypus is almost as cool as my cat, Samoa. Note that I said almost. While Perry works for OWCA, Samoa works for MI6. MI6 beats  OWCA every day of the week–except for, of course, the third Thursday of every month, because MI6 has a policy against sacrificing goats, whereas OWCA hates goats and wants them all to be forced to wear funny party hats for the rest of their natural lives. However, this policy does not cover cybernetic life-extensions, which is one of the main reason you don’t see cyborg goats wearing funny party hats. The other main reason is that cyborg goats have a tendency to shoot people carrying funny party hats on sight.

Even though it baffles me as to where Phineas and Ferb get all the start up capital for their zany projects, it doesn’t keep from appreciating the humour of the show, which is amplified by the sheer Britishness of Ferb.

Ah, Ferb. He’s the real brains behind the operation. Phineas just comes up with the ideas. Ferb is the one who makes them a reality.

Wait a second…He’s British, he’s a super genius, and he always has that same somewhat dopey look on his face…Maybe Ferb is really a super-spy, too! He probably works for MI6, in order to spy on Phineas. I know that’s what I would do if I had an evil genius for a brother.

No, wait, I do have an evil genius for a brother! Does this mean I work for MI6 as well? And that I just compromised myself? And also that–hey, is that Tony Blair with a sniper rifle? Hey, Mr. Former Prime Minister!

What do you mean I’ve compromised MI6’s elaborate strategy to take over the word via WordPress?

Oh…Erm…Hey, look, is that Matt Smith over there, talking to John Cleese?!?!


~~La Stranezza


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