Battle Wounds!

Once upon a time, Chevrolet came up with a car called the Corvette. It was widely considered a good idea, especially by people who liked to go fast.

Then Chevrolet thought up a way of making the people who liked fast cars even happier–they reduced the weight of the car by making the body out of fibreglass instead of steel.

However, there was one demographic of people who did not enjoy this improvement. Namely, people who have to work on Corvettes.

Fibreglass, you see, gets stuck in your arms, legs, neck, face–any part of you that is exposed, really–and itches like crazy. And when you sand it down, the dust can get in your lungs and throat and cause major damage. It’s not fun.

Why do I mentioned this? Because my father thought it a good idea to buy a Corvette made out of fibreglass and have us restore it. Don’t get me wrong, though–Corvettes are cool cars. I’m glad we have one. I just don’t think restoring a fibreglass car is a good idea.

Today, we did a bit of body work.

I’m really itchy right now.

Add that to the fact that my feet are still recovering from the rash from hell and the fact that I bruised my fourth toe, and you have a very grumpy camper.

These are my battle wounds.

Now you see why I’m a pacifist?

It could be worse, though. I remember I had poison ivy (on my feet, unsurprisingly) so bad once they had to give me a steroid shot. I almost escaped, too. Four separate nurses (and my mum) had to hold me down just so I didn’t flee the building.

Someone, somewhere, possibly with a pointy hat, really has it in for me.

~~La Stranezza in agonia.


3 thoughts on “Battle Wounds!

  1. I have to say, sometimes reading your posts makes me facepalm/thrash the laptop screen/wonder why I’m friends with you. And then I read something like this, which just makes me smile and realize that you’re a really awesome writer. No sarcasm intended. No matter what you write, you’re very good at getting a reaction from people—or at least from me. 😛

  2. No really, it’s pretty awesome all the time! 😀 I just don’t always agree with your opinions on things, that’s all. Just a personal preference.

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