It’s raining!

It’s pouring!

Some old fart is snoring!

Yes, that’s right, dear readers: The rain has made its way into my fair city, dropping the temperature a good twenty, thirty degree in the past fifteen or sixteen hours.

Rain is wonderful. Rain is magical. Rain, I really do love.

You see, whenever it’s hot and sunny and allegedly “nice” outside, I find myself incapable from either sweating to death, or from complaining about how hot it is, to do anything. When it’s raining through, I don’t have these hurdles to overcome, and I can accomplish deep, philosophical thought, or I can come up with an awesome idea for a short story, or I can just revel in the marvellous wonder of nature. Rain makes me happy. Or, more correctly, rain makes me sad, which makes me pensive, which usually ends with me being happy. Well, that, or I start cursing my ancestors for crawling out of the ocean in the first place. I mean, seriously, guys? You really thought civilisation was a good idea?

But wait! There’s more! As previously mentioned, rain cools me off, so now I won’t have to be completely and unbearable hot until at least tomorrow. Of course, knowing my luck, it’ll probably end up where it’s not cooled off at all, it’s just freakishly humid, in which case I’m completely boned.

We’ll not dawdle on that possibility, though. We’ll just pretend that I never said anything of that sort and just keep on hoping that it will stay cool. Otherwise, dear readers, you might find yourself with a particularly grumpy and/or delusional blogger on your hands. Of course, seeing as half my blog posts were written on very little sleep and a large amount of coffee, being grumpy and delusional is not a bad thing. It’s just I don’t like hot weath at all.

Maybe I should move to Washington state, where it’s currently in the fifties? That sounds nice…

~~La Stranezza


4 thoughts on “Rain

  1. You do NOT want to move to Washington State. No. It’s NOT FUN here. At all. It’s either too hot (not usually) or way too cold. Don’t do it. -shakes head violently- (Is it even possible to shake a head violently? LIke… I don’t know, I haven’t slept at all)

  2. Washington State? Right above Oregon? Yeah. Not a good idea, Stranezza. The weather’s always pissy over here. Raining or burning hot. No happy medium.

  3. It’s currently in the fifties in Washington State? That’s funny, it’s 2011 almost everywhere else. I wouldn’t suggest going to the fifties. Too sexist.
    /lame pun.

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