For those outside of the USA, or for those in the northern portions of the country, you’ve probably read on the news about the drought coming through, starting forest fires, destroying crops, etc.  It’s bad. For instance, there was a huge forest fire just several miles southwest of my city recently, and in OK a man had a motorcycle crash because the road was buckling due to heat.

In Texas powerlines have been going down because the built-up residue is messing with their conductivity.

In Georgia, crops are drying on the stalk left and right.

To top all this off, it’s freaking a hundred plus degrees outside–and it’s not getting cooler. The New York Times even compared the current draught with that of the 1930s, and also with a really bad draught that happened in the 1950s. However, as I wasn’t there at the time, I can’t say if this draught is as bad, or if it’s worse, or if we should all be preparing for the apocalypse, or what. All I can tell you is that I want it to rain so frigging badly. If I thought it would help, I would pray to some weird rain god. Actually, I may still pray to some weird rain god…

Long story short, summer is starting to feel less like summer and more like Hell.

I don’t I’ll like it much in Hell; but,  as I’ll be going there soon (according to the fundamentalists I know), I ought to get used to it anyway.

~~La Stranezza



4 thoughts on “Heat

  1. Well, I’ll pray that the rain clouds we just had pass over us heads over there next. I’ve been really worried about our other farm because it’s lacking of rain but I think you’re worse off. *starts praying*

  2. I know. Really, I do. It’s been 90+ degrees every day in my far nothern corner of the world, and I hate this heat. It’s horrible. Luckily, we haven;t had a drought yet. I wish you luck down in Hell. I know I’ll need it soon. By the way, I love this blog and the theme and like to ramble and you don’t know me so I’ll end this comment now.

  3. It rained here today. We don’t need it. We’ve had rain and snow all year long. I’ll work on convincing it towards you.

  4. It rained in my state for the last couple of days. Now I just want it to be sunny, so my dad can finish setting up the pool. Hopefully somewhere this week.

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