Good News For People Who Like Bad News; Good News For People Who Like Coffee


Today I’m going to be blogging about two different topics: feet and coffee. The feet news is the bad news, and the coffee news is the good news. However, as I know some people like to read good news before bad news, and others vise-versa, I’m going to use large headers in order that you may decide yourself whether you want to read the good or bad news first. 

Good News

I got an espresso maker yesterday! And, after several hours of toying with it, I finally got it down. This morning, I made my first ever cappuccino.

Frankly speaking, the cappuccino tasted like shite (I’ve had gas station ‘cini that tasted better), but was laced with my hard efforts. Like a fine meal, a cappuccino is most enjoyed when you can say, “I ground the beans, I made the espresso, I frothed the milk.” Of course, I’ll get better over time, and then other people can enjoy my creations, too!

But that, really, isn’t even the best part of having an espresso maker handy. The best part is that, with the run of Seussical starting on Wednesday, I’m going to need espresso, and lots of it, just to make sure I don’t pass out mid-play.

Bad News

The bad news is very simple: I have heat rash on my feet. It could be worse–all of yesterday I thought it was Athelete’s foot–but, still, heat rash itches like crazy. As we speak, my feet are about it explode from their extreme itchiness. It’s so itchy that poison ivy looks dull in comparison. It’s so itchy that you’d rather be covered in chiggers than deal with this itch.

No! Don’t scratch at it. That will only make it worse. You have to sit there and endure the pain like a real man, even though you’re just a little scrawny teenager, Stranezza. It’ll put whiskers in your hair, or hair on your beard, or something on your chest. I forget how it goes. All I knows is that this dumb rash made me miss out on all the valuable sleep-time I planned on getting last night, so now I have to randomly curse my kick-butt Doc Martens for giving me said rash.


That’s it for the news, good and bad. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to nurse my cappuccino and try my darndest not the scratch my feet.

~~La Stranezza


2 thoughts on “Good News For People Who Like Bad News; Good News For People Who Like Coffee

  1. Gots your blog address from eshy’s NaNo thread about blogs. (:
    Sorry that your coffee didn’t turn out well, but you’re right. It’s nice knowing that you yourself made it.

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