So, as I announced several weeks ago, I was cast as a cadet in my local community theatre’s production of Seussical the Musical. It’s not the best part, but it’s better than being a regular Who with all the little munchkins.

Anyways, the play is getting along quite well. Except for one slight detail…The damn teenagers backstage won’t stop talking and missing their cues and not singing when they’re supposed to be singing. In other words, they aren’t doing anything they’ve been told the entire play to do, and so it’s going to mess up the quality of the production.

Frankly speaking, I don’t want to be in a crappy production. Who does? No, you want the show to be the best it possibly can be. At least, anyone who gives a damn about anything theatre-related wants it to be the best show it can possibly be. So you can well imagine that I’m greatly upset by the fact that the teenagers I was referring don’t seem to care whether no one shows up for any of our performances or not. I’m positive that half of them don’t even want to be in the play, they just want stage time.

And that attitude, on a macroscopic scale, of not wanting to be a great, of not wanting to do the best you can do, and instead of just getting the glory like you are great, or you are doing the best you can do, is a horrible, horrible sociological plague. People have shunned the arts and now just want fame and money. And if you don’t believe me, just look at some of the songs been released in the past few years–Rockstar, Millionaire, and every other song by a hip-hop artist is about wealth and the high life that comes with it, while nobody’s singing about becoming a great artist and sharing your vision with the world any more. At least, nobody you’d hear in a radio programme hosted by Ryan Seacrest.

And that attitude, on a microscopic scale instead, is screwing up the production’s chance of being great. We need people who don’t care if there’s applause, we need people who don’t care if they get recognised, we need people who want to be people, not some weird sort of celebrity god. In other words, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter would be great in this show, provided, of course, they took off those gorram helmets for once.


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