I am friggin tired.

Not regular tired, mind you, but friggin tired.

I’ve had one heck of a week.

Let’s break it down into the days.

Monday–I shall admit, the day was not difficult on me per se; what was difficult was the fact that I was sick and woke up six thirty, giving me barely five hours of sleep. Sick and five hours of sleep do not compute. Ever. Ever.

Tuesday–I woke up at my usual time (7:30) and got to bed early, which meant that I had recovered slightly–unfortunately, I was still sick as a dog and had to go help at the Arts Centre at Noon. I could barely keep awake, and the only reason I kept awake at all was because of a delicious substance known as coffee.

Wednesday (today)–History tour thingamajig. Fun, but also exhausting. After we finished, went and helped and the Arts Centre.

I’m just happy I can stay home and take a nap tomorrow! Otherwise I’d probably pass out in the middle of Solla Sollew and end up destroying the sweet canvas egg on loan from a local college that is awesome.

Actually, I’m not entirely sure how that would work, as I’m not even onstage for Solla Sollew.

No matter. Knowing my luck, I’d probably pull it off anyway.

Well, that’s about it for–


I had a great idea.

It’s time for…Juxtaposition graphs!

My brain with a normal amount of rest



See how normal and Easter-eggy it looks?




My brain with the amount of rest I've been getting recently



Now look at this one. It’s kersplatted. Kaput. Dead.




And I reiterate: Ggvblb ‘;;ogougov

~~La Stranezza

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