Shave and a…

Haircut. Yes, that’s right. The blogger who is often referred to as “Shaggy” because of his external excess of hair has finally got a haircut–the first since March.

For a while there, I was really contemplating just taking a hacksaw to it and ending the madness (partially because it gets really hot in the summer here, and having as much hair as I did made it even more unbearable, and partially because I’m rather impulsive). But I didn’t. Instead, I went to a local salon and got the best seventeen dollar haircut of my life!

Granted, seventeen dollars is a little on the high end for a haircut, and the bangs are a little short, but this does not deter me. As the saying goes, “The difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut is a week.”

So, you see, my plan is to freeze all time except for my hair for one week to let the bangs grow out a bit, and then unfreeze it so they don’t grow too much. However, in what way I am to accomplish this I know not. Probably I’ll resort to black magic. You know, stuff like ritualistic slaughtering of fawns, drinking human blood, listening to the Spice Girls, etc. Normal black magic stuff.

Well…That’s about for my hair. And, as I have to go clean downstairs, I’m off. I’ll be back tomorrow with another edition of Ask Seth–Stay tuned! Or, erm, something of that sort…

~~La Stranezza


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