Ask Sethie!

So I finally got my first question for Ask Seth! It came from the ScriptFrenzy user Uberskittlez. This is going to be grand…

“Dear Sethers, Hey, little dude. So.. I had a question for ya. Tell me, is it possible to lick your own elbow??

Loves, Skittles”

Seth: De Skit, ooh blah! Rah rah! [Pointing at my tea] Me want! Give tea! Lick! Yum!

Haha, that little rascal. Such a nice, fine answer. I don’t think that Lord Buddha could give an answer better than that.

Oh, wait, I seem to have forgotten that you all can’t read baby language. Erm, looks like I’ll have to translate that entire bit for you…Aha! There’s my Baby-English dictionary. Hold up, one sec….

Seth [In Plain English]: Dearest Skittles, it would appear that your is so dastardly and complex that the only way to answer is through song. However, I have lost the sheet music for the number I prepared for this specific question, and so now I find myself forced, through no fault of my own, to answer in plain words. Yes, it is possible to lick your elbow. My eighteen sister can lick hers. However, not everyone can lick their elbow. For the most part, it’s just little kids and people who have freakishly long tongues. I could really go for some tea…Mm….tea….

Like I said before, words of wisdom.

We’ll be back next week with another instalment of Ask Seth, but until then…Well, I’ll probably just spout out random words in no specific order until then.

~~La Stranezza


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