I got my learner’s permit to-day. This is good, because now I can run over people as long as there is an adult over the age of twenty-one in the passenger’s seat at all times. However, it’s also bad, as cars pollute the environment and kill our planet.

Speaking of killing the planet, we’re on to update no. 2: I have the song Da Da Dum, by Paradise Oskar, stuck in my head. It’s an amazing song and I suggest you all listen to it; or else my army of flying monkeys will be forced to take affirmative measures–i.e., throw pies at you until you listen.

To make the listening easier on you, I’ll include the video right here.

There! Now listen. The flying monkeys have not much patience, and also they’ve not thrown a single pie in three months. They’re itching for a reason–any reason, really–to throw them.

And now for update no. 3: People have responded positively to my suggestions for more cow-related posts, and also for the Ask Seth feature, so those two will go ahead–although, as people seem to hate my taste in the colour purple, I’ll leave that alone for now. You can expect the cow post by Sunday, and Ask Seth as soon as someone sends me a viable problem or until I think of something silly enough to write about.

Finally, update no. 4: I’m rereading Life of Pi. *Sighs contentedly* I forgot how effing awesome Yann Martel was…



2 thoughts on “Updates

  1. Lavender will take over the world. You should educate them about this fact, and then they will no longer criticize your taste in shades of purple. WHY DOES NO ONE BELIEVE ME?!?!?

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