I have recently noted that readership of my blog has declined in the past week. The last time I got over thirty views in a day was the post about my exploits as a techie.

Therefore, I have come to the conclusion that the only way to increase my readership is to institute Operation: Brain-Control.

Now, Brain-Control is a lot like mind control, except for you spell it and pronounce it different and I invented Brain-Control. There’s also the small factor that mind control controls what you’re thinking, whereas Brain-Control just makes you want to view my blog over and over again until I get a bajillion hits.

However, one of my less awesome trains of thoughts (it’s a steamer (Diesels are the coolest)) has informed me that people don’t like it when you force them to read your blog, and then suggested to me that, instead, I just force you to share the link to my blog with all your comrades and maybe reward you with various shades of the colour purple…And the Icelandic flag. Unless you’d rather I posted a picture of the Canadian flag–because, I mean, who doesn’t like maple leaves? I know I like them. They’re really cool.

Now, as a sort of advanced payment, I give you Lavender:

It's sooo pretty!

Yeah. Awesome, huh?

It’s purple.

But better.


Erm…I actually forgot why. But lavender is still really pretty in my book.

~~La Stranezza


2 thoughts on “Brain-Control!

    • I disagree. Lavender is like that character who everyone thinks is pretty and stupid, but then ends up ruling the world because no one pays attention to her and she’s actually a lot smarter than you thought. You only THINK lavender is weak and simpering.

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