The Germinal

I have come to the long and arduous conclusion that I love puns. This is clearly expressed in the title, which is a playoff of both the Tom Hanks film The Terminal and Emile Zola’s Germinal. Why I chose these two works, I know not. All I know is I was really bored thirty seconds ago, and I could go for a cup of joe right about now.

Which is surprising, as I usually want tea.

Then again, it is the AM…And the AM is the perfect time for coffee.

While we’re talking about coffee: My French press hates me. It wants me to drink coffee grinds-in. Unfortunately, I don’t like coffee grinds-in. It tastes all gross and makes me want to write emo poetry. Actually, most everything makes me want to write emo poetry.

Also, do any of you, my dear readers, think that my blog posts have lost focus and should probably stay on subject throughout the post? Or is better to write in a stream-of-consciousness style that just follows my mind wherever it goes?

Please answer said query through the comment feature at the bottom of the page.

~~La Stranezza


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