A Bug’s Life: The Story of A Closet Marxist

People, you find, will often remark on how Pixar’s hit film WALL-E is basically just environmentalist propaganda, espousing the belief that we must take care of our earth, or it’l go kaput due to rampant capitalism.

What they don’t remark on is that Pixar has done this before. Believe what you may, this here blogger [me] is convinced that A Bug’s Life is one big anthem to Karl Marx.

Let’s break it down:

  • Grasshoppers–parasitic “master class.” They do nothing to benefit the ants yet expect to get a large amount of their capital, leaving them with barely enough to survive.
  • Ants–“servant class.” These guys work their butts off, afraid to speak up against their oppressors due to fear, and get practically nothing in return.
  • Circus bugs–Messianic social catalysts. These bugs, who don’t fall in either category, are a small hitch in my theory. I’m pretty sure that they’re supposed to represent Marxists—as the ants aren’t by definition Marxist–who eventually come along and liberate the ants, freeing them from the oppressive reign of the grasshoppers.
So, if we look at it this way, we get as the synopsis:
Every year, the servant class (SC) is expected to give the majority of their earnings to the master class (MC), even though said master class does nothing to benefit the SC.
A member of the SC–Flik–decides that he will eliminate the MC, and thus requests the help of Marxists. The Marxists come in, help the SC defeat the MC, and the SC lives happily every after, no longer held down by the MC. The Marxists go off, presumably to spread their ideals elsewhere.
Yeah. And they say that children’s programs are harmless.
~~La Stranezza

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